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Dear John,

Not having had any previous direct contact with you as organiser of what was obviously a highly successful SMB reunion in early December, I have felt that I should do so, partly to congratulate you and your colleagues, partly to thank you for having invited me to join you, and especially for the "get well" card and the key ring. I had been looking forward with much pleasure to meeting again with so many "young" men and women with whom I had been involved 50 or more years ago. Unfortunately, as Pam Sutcliffe will have informed you, I had to decline as I started to suffer from severe chest pains shortly before the event. Tests showed that one branch of a 17 year old triple by-pass was becoming blocked. Two quick ambulance trips to hospital, a couple of stents and half a dozen new lots of pills seem to have done the trick, and I am nearly back to good health! However, I did especially want to let someone know how much I appreciated receiving the card and the key ring. I was particularly moved that so many had made the effort to sign the former. Those names, and the e-mail notes of the recollections of various speakers at the reunion, have certainly served to refresh my memory (as they undoubtedly did for those present) of those far different and more relaxed times that prevailed at SMB so many years ago. To the extent that it may happen to be convenient, please convey my sincere thanks to those concerned.

Kindest regards to all,          

Jack Barker